copied from the famous Bipolar Burple blog by the insightful and ingenious Natasha Tracy..

I wish I could write of bipolar the way Ms Tracy can and I encourage anyone including my wife to follow her blog at ““. Its hard to pick just one but I kind of liked this one. All credits to Natasha Tracy.



I Apologize for Emotional Overreactions

And so I feel like half the time I’m apologizing for unreasonable,overwhelming emotional reactions. I’m sorry my emotions are popping out of my eyeballs. I’m sorry my mood prevents me from sitting still. I’m sorry I can’t stop talking about what a horrible human being I am. I’m sorry I can’t get over a tiny event that happened weeks ago. I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I’m aware that my reactions are crazy but I can’t do anything about them – because, in case you’ve forgotten, I’m crazy.

I understand why it’s important to apologize – it’s important because my overreactions can distress others – but my, is it ever tiring. And it doesn’t feel particularly fair. When was the last time a cancer patient had to apologize for their symptoms?

 Edit: Tues Oct 15th: – ok I heard from Natasha Tracy herself,woohoo, and she asked me not to do a full reproduction but excerpts or quotes were ok so I trimmed it to what I liked best. Again I am only quoting her and her blog Bipolar Burple here. I must say it was pretty cool to hear from her directly. Who knows maybe I will hear from Kay Jamison next 😛

– Van





Sad exit..

Sandra Oh is leaving Grey’s after this season which pretty spells the downward spiral end for the entire show IMO. Why couldn’t it be Ellen Pompeo leaving instead and then bring Izzy back. Oh well it was good while it lasted. I think its been going downhill since the plane crash a few seasons ago and the characters it killed off. Of the new interns the only one I find interesting is Camilla Luddington. I do like Kepner’s humorous antics though she’s really not new anymore nor can she any other cast member can carry the show the way Sandra Oh can. I remember being in impressed with her in Arliss long ago. Lol I miss that show.  So after Dr. Cristina Yang leaves Grey’s I probably will too.