The Supreme’s

So it appears that for all intents and purposes that Obamacare has passed per today’s Supreme Court ruling. I have listened off and on for the better part of two years about universal health care and Obamacare. I listened more as both sides of the Obamacare bill weighed in on either its merits or evils.
Today the debate was like a firestorm. I want to hope for the best. I want to look for the best in this new system. I watched Micheal Moore’s Sicko documentary about a year ago and I ended up being impressed with it. When I put his DVD in a pressed play it was with a good bit of reservation and skepticism as I don’t consider Micheal Moore to be an objective journalist. In fact you could say I see Mr Moore the same way liberals see and think of Fox News. Anyway I watched his film and was pleasantly surprised of its contents as he covered universal health care or health care that is paid for by the governments and its tax paying people collectively. Micheal Moore interviews people and patients in Canada, France, London and finally the US.

Admittedly I am no expert on this but after watching all the debates I’m not sure that anyone is. After reading up on Obamacare what worries me the most is what is it going to pay for my prescriptions and what will become of my family’s health care needs and what additional with all this cost me and my family. Currently I am the only one in my household who is on medicare though I don’t have medicare drug plan because I am covered on my wife’s health insurance prescription drug plan. See this is where is starts to worry me. The private health insurance companies like United Healthcare, Cigna, Blue Cross and others what are they going to do and what will most likely become of them. Obamacare says that they will have to now accept all new insureds regardless of pre existing conditions and without any waiting period for coverage to begin. Ok my wife and child are covered by United Healthcare through my wife’s job. In the past five years we’ve already seen UHC premium and copays double. With the Obamacare mandate’s I look for UHC and the others to GREATLY increase premiums again to offset the cost and risk. Down the road say ten years or so I think private health insurance companies will be nonexistent things of the past.

I know I’ve only scratched the surface of this subject and again it’s one that’s over my head. I do like that Obamacare is placing an emphasis on preventive care. We’ve been walking 3 miles an evening for almost a month now and I am googling for nearby hiking trials. I even told my wife tonight that I would provide more help with her self mammograms. 🙂



Wendy and I have been saying for months or longer that we should go do the walking trail places like we did when we first got married in 1997. We’d always say yea lets do that for months we said that but didn’t do it. Instead we’d get home, eat dinner, watch PP sing on Idol. Take a shower and go to bed. Well for the most part.About three weeks ago my daughter Elizabeth and I went to Lake Loretta which is approx one mile in circumference and oh so pretty with flowers, fish , oh so many ducks. So we walked it twice for 2 miles. Not so bad felt like a nice work out. Blood pumping and sweat. Wendy found out and she wanted to go on the next and the next and so its began about 3 weeks we’ve walking at least 2 miles every night at the lake or at other tracks nearby. This week we are doing 3 miles every night. Feels really good. All the soreness in my shins and calfs has gone away now and its feel really nice. I feel so young again when I am out there. I should order my yellow LiveStrong bracelet any day now.

Please taste my broth..sluurp..thank you

With so many shows like Thrones and others having season finales there just hasnt been alot of good tv lately. I am caught up on netflix series of several shows I follow till the end of the ques. Presumably next season they will add the next season to the que for Greys and Supernatural to name a few. I may get the current season from Amazon instead of waiting on Supernatural’s. I had been stockpiling my dvr but we had a cable box issue and mediacom swapped all the boxes for brand new ones about a month ago taking my recordings with them. 😦

Anyways I wanted something different than serials and scanned my hulu and nexflix libary something different. Usually when I am in this mood I want something really dark themed like The Hurt Locker, Seven or The Lovely Bones. Movies like that are sorta like doing a long line of whiskey shots after the bar has closed and its just you and the bartender left there. Fallen is another movie I like alot in that genre and as a bonus they sing and play the Stones often in it.

As I said I wanted something different I came across an independent movie made in Japan called The Ramen Girl starring Brittany Murphy who’ve I’ve been impressed with since I saw here cut up arms and body hanging from a rope in Girl Interrupted. For a movie with so many amazing performances and actresses Brittany held her own in GI. Netflix listed Ramon Girl as heartfelt comedy, fish out of water, american girl in Tokyo basically all alone after being ditched there. She couldve flown home to the US at any point of course but she seems to sad and broken to think rationally or give up like that. The movie has a mending of the broken feel to it and I very much enjoyed it. She learns to cook in a Japanese diner and later says to a guy please taste my broth. 🙂 I had to smile at that. The sound of her voice and its emotion is a big part of what she was able to do on screen. It came as no surprise that Mrs. Murphy turned out an awesome performance in what was to be one of her last. Sadly one of her last few. May she rest in peace. I hope, no I am sure she’s in a better place now.

I wish House would go streaming on netflix or hulu or amazon. Constantly keeping up with dvds sucks. Speaking of I ordered the directors cut of the original 1979 Alien which has never before seen scenes. Cool. Alien is one of the best sci fi movies of all time. Easily in the top 10.

I have started rewatching the X files but beginning with Season 7 ep1. I’ve seen them years ago but imo season 7 is when it all starting getting darker and stranger and harder to understand all of it. Still I want to believe.

Grey Finale

ok I watched the Grey’s season 7 finale. Alot of it we saw coming and some surprises as well. Well now that I think about it we saw most all of it we saw coming except for the plane crash. Teddy’s story with married dude for her health insurance my take is who the hell cares. We knew sooner of later what Mer did with the switching the records for the blind study trial would come out and the results would be major.
Alex did tell about Mer’s actions after a few drinks but anyways he told and if you ask me he should have reported it right away anyways. Derek was furious for being blind sided by this and for his career’s work basically being ruined or potentially ruined we will see next season. Hey I figure if Izzie can steal a heart and kill a patient and not get fired then you can get away with just about anything at this Seattle hospital. Derek is angry and admonishing Mer and goes on to say he doesn’t want to adopt a child with her anymore. Let me just stop for a minute and make one observation in the form of a question. Does any Hollywood celebrity in real life or on a show’s script ever adopt a white kid anymore? Derek moves out of Mer’s house for night and possibly longer we will have to see.

Lucy betrays Alex and is leaving for Africa and tries to apologize or reconcile at the end and Alex tells her to go to hell. 🙂 Good for Alex and good riddance to another annoying new character. Rachael Taylor’s acting skills are on par with a used car salesman.

Moving on to Christina and Owen’s story line. As you may already know Christina is my favorite current cast character and she has always been one of my favorites since season one. I know the writer’s created this arc to make a statement and debate about a woman’s right to choose and about abortion.
Let me set them straight. This story wasn’t about either. This story was about marriage. Good marriages, bad marriages and to or not to marry in the first place. IMO Christina and Owen never should have gotten hitched in the first place. Before you make what is probably the most important decisions and commitments of your entire life you talk out and resolve issues like to raise or not to raise a family, career, religion and fidelity just to name a few of the big ones. You don’t just find out after you’re married that your spouse doesn’t want a family. That’s almost like Derek saying oh by the way ummm never mentioned it before but I don’t believe in monogamy. Gee hope that’s ok.

Adrift and at Peace

Grey’s S7 ep 10. By far one of the better Grey’s episodes I’ve seen in some time. I loved Christina and Derek fishing on the lake and omg the lake was beautiful . You could tell it was real outdoor’s scene and lake and not some lame green screen effect. Christina trying to intellectualize fishing and analyze fish was really cute. Lol such a perfect girl comes along for boy’s fishing trip scene. Also Christina’s still dealing with her PTSD fugue state yet she does ok at learning to fish and in fact she lands the big one. I think that a couple of things we’re happening on the lake. One, anyone who fishes will tell you its therapeutic and relaxing. Secondly I think Derek is smarter than we ever knew. 🙂

Ok I am going to skip over much of the rest because Teddy and Mer don’t interest me. I really liked seeing Sloan and Lexie reuniting or at least rekindling thier old flame at the end. This happened towards the end of episode where she meets him for “just one drink” at Joe’s. It was at this point I noticed the Christmas light decorations around and the music fading in was one of the most tranquil and serene versions of Silent Night I’ve ever heard. Bluesy and slow tempo’d perfection. The song played on in its entirety even as they as they cut to a few other scenes leading to my personal favorite scene of Callie at her apt late at night and she hears knocking at her door. It seems that after blindsiding Callie at the airport and heart stompingly ditching her there Arizona shows up at the end tonight and knocks on Callie’s door to spill about she was sad and missed her. Without saying one word Callie just closes the door in her face. That Silent Night song is still playing in the background as the show ends and credits roll. I have to say I’m a little surprised and impressed for modern day Hollywood producers to display such a spiritual Christian song in such a positive theme and manner.

In closing I would just like to say that Yes of course I googled and found the artist and I wish we had a Joe’s bar in my town.

If it doesn’t fit, you must write some shit.

It just bugs me when a long defined character with no existing signs or plot suggestions just out of nowhere turns on a dime and goes totally out of character for no good or apparent reason other than the writer’s need to correct their own plot mistakes. I think its lazy writing. Corner cutting, lazy loop hole creating writing. It’s not creative, it’s sloppy. Today I watched Grey’s Season 7 , ep 7. Arizona’s turn on a dime was not well not Arizona. When did she turn on or betray anyone. You would think Spielberg’s daughter would be getting her ass kissed by creative not marginalized and discredited.

True I have not season the rest of the season yet so they may clean up the splattered ink.

Holding out for a Hero

My motto is this: if you love a show set it free. If it doesn’t come back to you..bitch, moan and cry until it does.

With the success of the Avengers and The Cabin in the Woods and all his other projects not to mention his cult like following in the sci fi genre I am hoping to get back what the bean counters took from me.

Fox studios canceled Firefly, Dollhouse and I believe it was ABC who canceled Angel though we did get like five seasons of Angel. We’ve, yes we because yes I speak for the sci fi community, we did get Serenity the movie which was amazing but no sequel even though it made money and was critically acclaimed and loved by ..well us. So anyways I learned as a kid in church in Revelations that in the end, sooner or later, evil will be defeated, kicked, beaten and stomped by good. That analogy brings me to the Avengers crossing the one billion dollar mark and we havent even sold dvds or digital licenses yet so at this point Joss can walk into the Fox offices, unfortantly the execs who canceled Firefly have long been fired, but anyways Joss can walk into Fox and demand the biggest office, largest desk, best view, gigantic budget, cancel Castle or kill off Richard Castle and roll film Firefly season 2.

The other Whedon projects and past series? Yea we can bring them all back too. Who likes Bones anyways and..and yep you know that other series I’m thinking of now.