The Value of Education

At my new really small part time job where the toughest part is having to wake up while its still AM, I work for my dad. I’ve also developed a friendly rapport with one of our repair men. He’s a good bit younger than me and isn’t as skill as our senior repair man but he does ok. We always joke around and I’d told him about my condition and status early on but I could tell he really didn’t get it. He told me one day he used to know someone who was “polar depressed” so he knew about it. I smiled and said “yes I can see that you do.”

This past week he quipped that “lets not do anything stressful.” I knew what he meant and that he was only joking around still I turned on a dime and took a more serious tone in my reply.

I told him: ”Got that right. Don’t underestimate bipolar and any other mental disorder. Before I got treated for bipolar in 2001 I had for months called the FBI offices in Atlanta and Washington DC. Mostly the Atlanta office. I was on a first name basis with a lady agent in Atlanta. She was always friendly to me. I mailed and faxed them letters too. I was convinced they were investigating me. They wrote back every time and told me that I wasn’t and never had been under investigation. Not kidding, it’s all true.”

For about 30 minutes he fell silent. “Nothing to say huh?” I asked. To which he said that when we have time he needs to get his phone turned back on. “Ok” I said.


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