Fuck Em

Friends can marginalize you. Make you feel small. If they do they probably were never really that good of a friend anyway. So fuck em. Who needs friends like that. They probably were never even worthy of being friends with you in the first place.


One thought on “Fuck Em

  1. The problem is that when you are having symptoms you seem to forget everyone once in awhile that I am also a person who has a mental illness and emotions. I feel like you have no filter sometimes when it comes to me. There is a difference between having a friend you can talk to about everything. And choosing the time to talk to that friend about everything. And everything shouldn’t literally be everything and definitely not all the time. Or blasting that friend with emails like spam and then sooner or later complaining to that friend that she’s ignoring you or sending her sarcastic email or leaving sarcastic comments on her FB page. I haven’t even said shit about why you hurt my feelings about your sarcastic comment on that photo of the cake I got my parents for their anniversary. You need to check your meds or talk to your therapist about how to be a better friend to me. Because atm it feels like you’re all take. I cannot handle feeling like I’m so needed by anyone and I do not want to feel like I’m someone’s dumping ground when they need attention. No one takes care of me emotionally. I have to take care of myself. Btw I sent you an email last night re: nudity content in that AMC show Into the Badlands because I felt sorry for you for telling you I needed a break from you. I need some space. You cannot expect me to have no emotional reaction to your emails. I wonder if you are getting any sleep, and taking your meds as you should be, and maybe you should be concerned about your mental health atm. Because you need to take better care of yourself. If I were higher functioning, I could probably handle all your emails and sarcasm better and not let it affect me, but I’m not rock solid. I have problems too. I’m really depressed atm. Anyway do what you want.

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