I went to my first NAMI session tonight not really sure what to expect. I had spoken to them by phone and they said they would be on the outlook for me. It was terrible weather. Cold and heavy rain. I never would’ve been out if not for this first NAMI meeting. I’ve known of NAMI almost since I was diagnosed bipolar in 2001. I remember a few years after that Josie Bissett speaking on behalf of NAMI at the end of a movie, Dare to Love,   where she plays the true life story of a young lady with schizophrenia.  I dont usually go for lifetime movies but I loved that movie and I’m secure enough to say that I’m a guy who had tears in his eyes at the end of it.
Ok so I get to NAMI get out in the wind and rain and make my way inside. The building, rather large building, is actually an off campus wing of the main hospital. Yep same hospital that I spent a week in the pysch ward last year. I asked if I was in the right room they assured me I was and an older gentlemen introduced himself to me and told me he was the one I spoke with by phone. OK HERES WHERE THINGS GET STICKY. I signed a confidentiality form. So I can only speak in general terms about my NAMI meeting because I dont want to get kicked. All I’ll say is people talked about their condition and what they were dealing with and I listened. I told them all about me. I told them I had good friends with bipolar they lived far away. I did join tonight. Paid my 3$ fee and I guess as soon as the paperwork is submitted I’ll be an official NAMI member. They went over many activities and events. I cant even remember them all. Theres a separate class for the family members of patients to educate them as well. Good idea. They even told me I could take a course and train to be a NAMI leader but I’m really more interested in getting involved with advocacy. Select members from all the NAMI chapters in the state of Georgia are going to the state capital next month. Sounds exciting. Honestly part of me wants to go and part of me isnt sure if I’m ready to tackle politics in my first month.

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Sponsored by the Behavioral Health Services Coalition

Tuesday, January 20, 2015
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This is a wonderful opportunity for NAMI Georgia’s members and supporters to meet with their legislators. Let’s really get out the troops to show our support for recovery and let everyone know that “Mental Health Matter”!


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