Left Wow again but with unique opportunity to pay it forward

I recently suspended my wow account this week but over the last approx six years I’ve suspended it many times before. Sometimes suspending with a friend and sometimes just me. This time was a little different because I wasn’t burnt out. WoW has some great gaming qualities but its not the mmo it used to me. Not the mmo I liked. Thinking back to 2008 – 2010 I had so many wow friends I referred to as family. WoW family. I remember logging on and getting hit with a barrage of wispers from different friends. “Lets go do a dungeon, whats the latest gossip”. Some ummm even heavy flirting. One friend of mine, whom we spent some time leveling with even showed me her perfect boobs on webcam. Now that’s the kind of bonding experience true friendships are made of. Oh now don’t worry my wife knows I love boobies. She even calls out to me when True Blood is on “Van their showing boobies.” Besides my wow friends are like a million miles away and even if they lived next door I’d still welcome their bare breast but I would never been unfaithful. Bill Clinton said it best if there is no intercourse there is no sex. Funny I find myself agreeing with democrats more often. But anyways back to wow. I’m disappointed how most all guilds in 2008 used to be close nit families to now too many are a cold board room meeting type guild.

I’m also disappointed in my main which since like 2011 has been a resto shammy. A very successful even ranked resto shammy seems to have lost a step. Idk if its me or shammy class changes or my med changes or combo of all three but I don’t like my numbers anymore. A few years ago when we ran our own guild I used to check them after ever pull. Celebrate them. Screenshot them. Now they leave me disappointed in myself and try as I might I couldn’t find a remedy and I wasn’t doing any good for my cold as a republican corporate board room guild and frankly I was tired of the chill in the air. So I exited the building and took a break from the game, a game that has so much potential, to pursue some far more serious real life issues, pay it forward, but I’ll speak more of that in my next blog.

Funny thing about blogs. They never die they just take long breaks.


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