getting into NAMI


I googled and found the contact info the local Nami chapter and was just a tad bit nervous but I made the call. Didnt think I’d get an answer on a Sunday but a nice middle aged sounding man answered. I said hello and he replied with a sorta puzzled yes can I help you? I said is this NAMI? I’m calling about NAMI. Why yes it is, his voice lifted now like he was glad of the call. We talked for about 25 min about when we meet and what goes on. Twice a month on Tuesdays and first Tuesay they always have a guest mental health speaker. Someone who works in the field. Meetings last from 90 min to 2 hours. He said I didnt have to officially join I could just come as a guest but no I told him that want to offically join NAMI. He said ok I could fill out the form when I come to the next meeting which btw is this Tuesday and pay the annual membership fee. Uhoh I thought how much is the fee. For non mental health patients, like family, the fee is 35$. For mental health patients the fee is 3$ a year. I smiled. “I can cover that” I said. So one Tuesay with a speaker and the other Tuesday just a group session led by two therapist. He wanted to caution me that theres more than bipolars there. I’d see borderlines, people with schizophrenia, the whole gamit. Dont worry I told him smiling. I’ll be ok.


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