’s been wierd or maybe it’s just me.

It’s been a weird week to be bipolar. It’s been a weird year actually. Just when you think you’re all stable your bipolar rears its head. I went back to WoW idk a month or two ago and its been strange too being back. Nothing like before. I really didn’t even like it but my daughter loves the new expansion Mists of Pandaria although her playing time will decrease when school starts back at least it always has before. I’m just going to keep it casual less is more myself because really there’s nothing more insignificant than a video game but as I said its been a wierd week to be bipolar. I lost my cool and my bipolar just took over due to meaningless in game stuff. I’ve said this before but WoW should added to that long list of things that are bad for bipolars. Idk if I will stay. I kind of hope I don’t.


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