Wards most will never even see

I just recently got out of the hospital. Discharged after four nights on psych ward 4th floor and two nights on psych ward 3rd floor. I learned that 4th floor is where they admit the more severe cases for treatment. The ward is so different from the rest of the hospital. No tv or phone in your room. The mirrors are metal. No shoes with strings or belts. At first I had a sense of wonderment mixed with anxiety to be there. So many times I had thought about it and there I was. I have to say I didn’t see it coming. I thought maybe a new blood work med check but then I’m not a psychiatrist. After a few days I just tried to be a good patient as compliant as possible to get home. I made almost every group and participated. The nurses made sure I finished my meals as I was told I needed to gain weight. Yep you give up freedoms and liberties going in but then again I met so many interesting people there both staff and residents. I’ll just consider it a learning experience and something to grow from.


One thought on “Wards most will never even see

  1. thanks for sharing. i remember the wards all too well. they cut off the ties on my lakers sweatshirt at one place. i was not cool with that lol.

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