Happy Anniversary

I don’t remember the exact day but I am pretty sure it was the latter part of September last year I finally decided to hang up my totems, box up my tank’s armor, give a last meal to my hunter’s pets and set them free to run wild in a never ending CGI wilderness. I remember Fate and I said we would continue to exchange txt though we never did. I wrote and left a long from the heart valediction on the guild website which stayed up until January. I remember a tearful vent goodbye with Row who I still correspond with from time to time. Tako a bit as well. Shadow a few times and even Lee on Christmas eve. Bats and I have remained good friends, though my previous blog entry may change that, /sigh I try, I really try to stay out of politics but like Rick in Casablanca every man has a limit of how long he can ignore and look the other way.

Anyways I started this post to be about WoW. It’s been one year and it’s a time I feel good about. I thought it would be a hard addiction to break I mean everyone calls it wowcrack. There were days it rained and I didn’t even know it back then. It really hasn’t been difficult though I do miss some of my old wow friends. I dont think that I’ve even once looked back to the game. By the end WoW was more work than fun but there was a time that WoW fun. It’s just that I’ve found that life going forward is much more fun.


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