The Supreme’s

So it appears that for all intents and purposes that Obamacare has passed per today’s Supreme Court ruling. I have listened off and on for the better part of two years about universal health care and Obamacare. I listened more as both sides of the Obamacare bill weighed in on either its merits or evils.
Today the debate was like a firestorm. I want to hope for the best. I want to look for the best in this new system. I watched Micheal Moore’s Sicko documentary about a year ago and I ended up being impressed with it. When I put his DVD in a pressed play it was with a good bit of reservation and skepticism as I don’t consider Micheal Moore to be an objective journalist. In fact you could say I see Mr Moore the same way liberals see and think of Fox News. Anyway I watched his film and was pleasantly surprised of its contents as he covered universal health care or health care that is paid for by the governments and its tax paying people collectively. Micheal Moore interviews people and patients in Canada, France, London and finally the US.

Admittedly I am no expert on this but after watching all the debates I’m not sure that anyone is. After reading up on Obamacare what worries me the most is what is it going to pay for my prescriptions and what will become of my family’s health care needs and what additional with all this cost me and my family. Currently I am the only one in my household who is on medicare though I don’t have medicare drug plan because I am covered on my wife’s health insurance prescription drug plan. See this is where is starts to worry me. The private health insurance companies like United Healthcare, Cigna, Blue Cross and others what are they going to do and what will most likely become of them. Obamacare says that they will have to now accept all new insureds regardless of pre existing conditions and without any waiting period for coverage to begin. Ok my wife and child are covered by United Healthcare through my wife’s job. In the past five years we’ve already seen UHC premium and copays double. With the Obamacare mandate’s I look for UHC and the others to GREATLY increase premiums again to offset the cost and risk. Down the road say ten years or so I think private health insurance companies will be nonexistent things of the past.

I know I’ve only scratched the surface of this subject and again it’s one that’s over my head. I do like that Obamacare is placing an emphasis on preventive care. We’ve been walking 3 miles an evening for almost a month now and I am googling for nearby hiking trials. I even told my wife tonight that I would provide more help with her self mammograms. 🙂


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