Wendy and I have been saying for months or longer that we should go do the walking trail places like we did when we first got married in 1997. We’d always say yea lets do that for months we said that but didn’t do it. Instead we’d get home, eat dinner, watch PP sing on Idol. Take a shower and go to bed. Well for the most part.About three weeks ago my daughter Elizabeth and I went to Lake Loretta which is approx one mile in circumference and oh so pretty with flowers, fish , oh so many ducks. So we walked it twice for 2 miles. Not so bad felt like a nice work out. Blood pumping and sweat. Wendy found out and she wanted to go on the next and the next and so its began about 3 weeks we’ve walking at least 2 miles every night at the lake or at other tracks nearby. This week we are doing 3 miles every night. Feels really good. All the soreness in my shins and calfs has gone away now and its feel really nice. I feel so young again when I am out there. I should order my yellow LiveStrong bracelet any day now.


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