Grey Finale

ok I watched the Grey’s season 7 finale. Alot of it we saw coming and some surprises as well. Well now that I think about it we saw most all of it we saw coming except for the plane crash. Teddy’s story with married dude for her health insurance my take is who the hell cares. We knew sooner of later what Mer did with the switching the records for the blind study trial would come out and the results would be major.
Alex did tell about Mer’s actions after a few drinks but anyways he told and if you ask me he should have reported it right away anyways. Derek was furious for being blind sided by this and for his career’s work basically being ruined or potentially ruined we will see next season. Hey I figure if Izzie can steal a heart and kill a patient and not get fired then you can get away with just about anything at this Seattle hospital. Derek is angry and admonishing Mer and goes on to say he doesn’t want to adopt a child with her anymore. Let me just stop for a minute and make one observation in the form of a question. Does any Hollywood celebrity in real life or on a show’s script ever adopt a white kid anymore? Derek moves out of Mer’s house for night and possibly longer we will have to see.

Lucy betrays Alex and is leaving for Africa and tries to apologize or reconcile at the end and Alex tells her to go to hell. 🙂 Good for Alex and good riddance to another annoying new character. Rachael Taylor’s acting skills are on par with a used car salesman.

Moving on to Christina and Owen’s story line. As you may already know Christina is my favorite current cast character and she has always been one of my favorites since season one. I know the writer’s created this arc to make a statement and debate about a woman’s right to choose and about abortion.
Let me set them straight. This story wasn’t about either. This story was about marriage. Good marriages, bad marriages and to or not to marry in the first place. IMO Christina and Owen never should have gotten hitched in the first place. Before you make what is probably the most important decisions and commitments of your entire life you talk out and resolve issues like to raise or not to raise a family, career, religion and fidelity just to name a few of the big ones. You don’t just find out after you’re married that your spouse doesn’t want a family. That’s almost like Derek saying oh by the way ummm never mentioned it before but I don’t believe in monogamy. Gee hope that’s ok.


4 thoughts on “Grey Finale

  1. yeah, i don’t think christina and owen should have gotten married either. i liked her with burke better. i think they would have stayed together if he hadn’t left the show. i am confused which season finale you are talking about though. season 8 was the plane crash. season 7 was the shooting. there was a lot of promo leading into season 8 finale, so most of the buzz was about who was gonna die, and it sucked who did.

    1. okay I remember now. Season 6 was the shooting, season 7 was breakups, season 8 sorry about the spoiler. I blogged about season 7 awhile ago. About how stupid it was that Christina and Owen didn’t find out whether or not they wanted a family before they got married. That’s like one of the basic questions on any online dating service. Wants kids or not and how many. I couldn’t believe that 2 adults, doctors, wouldn’t have talked about that before they got married. And Owen is a Gulf War vet. Too many cooks writing Grey’s Anatomy IMO.

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