Adrift and at Peace

Grey’s S7 ep 10. By far one of the better Grey’s episodes I’ve seen in some time. I loved Christina and Derek fishing on the lake and omg the lake was beautiful . You could tell it was real outdoor’s scene and lake and not some lame green screen effect. Christina trying to intellectualize fishing and analyze fish was really cute. Lol such a perfect girl comes along for boy’s fishing trip scene. Also Christina’s still dealing with her PTSD fugue state yet she does ok at learning to fish and in fact she lands the big one. I think that a couple of things we’re happening on the lake. One, anyone who fishes will tell you its therapeutic and relaxing. Secondly I think Derek is smarter than we ever knew. šŸ™‚

Ok I am going to skip over much of the rest because Teddy and Mer don’t interest me. I really liked seeing Sloan and Lexie reuniting or at least rekindling thier old flame at the end. This happened towards the end of episode where she meets him for “just one drink” at Joe’s. It was at this point I noticed the Christmas light decorations around and the music fading in was one of the most tranquil and serene versions of Silent Night I’ve ever heard. Bluesy and slow tempo’d perfection. The song played on in its entirety even as they as they cut to a few other scenes leading to my personal favorite scene of Callie at her apt late at night and she hears knocking at her door. It seems that after blindsiding Callie at the airport and heart stompingly ditching her there Arizona shows up at the end tonight and knocks on Callie’s door to spill about she was sad and missed her. Without saying one word Callie just closes the door in her face. That Silent Night song is still playing in the background as the show ends and credits roll. I have to say I’m a little surprised and impressed for modern day Hollywood producers to display such a spiritual Christian song in such a positive theme and manner.

In closing I would just like to say that Yes of course I googled and found the artist and I wish we had a Joe’s bar in my town.


4 thoughts on “Adrift and at Peace

  1. About this episode, Shonda Rhimes blogged that it was so great seeing how well Patrick and Sandra worked together. Patrick remarked that he was kind of amazed about the experience too and the chemistry they had in their scenes together. This was one of my favorite episodes. Season 8 was best season probably since Season 3. I loved Cristina in these episodes and how Derek was Derek again.

    1. I was thinking the exact same thing about Derek and Sandra’s chemistry. I would love to see those two together. Season 7 is turning out to be an awesome season imo as I’ve now watched ep 11 and 12. Christina returning to action in the back of an ambulance. It was like Clark Kent removing his jacket and super.. well supergirl in this case returns.

  2. About the Christian religious imagery, I am not so surprised. Callie is openly Catholic, and Burke spoke to Cristina once about faith and how the will to live is just as important in recovery as medicine. Bailey references Christian God frequently when she needs solace or she’s pleading to save someone’s life. In fact, the only religion present among the characters, aside from Cristina who doesn’t practice her Jewish faith, is Christianity.

  3. Yea I guess I was more surprised about Hollywood writers and producers in general than Grey’s. I think being anti Christian is the “in thing” in many of those circles. Let me say that I’m no saint. I’m a Christian but I’m probably not the best of witnesses or role models. I’ll be the first to admit I’m a sinner but for example I’ve had to turn Weeds off several times for reasons such as mocking Christ. I could care less if she sells or smokes weed. In fact that part is sorta cool but when they use a lighted Cross stolen from a church to help grow the plants and laughed about it. Thats not cool.

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