If it doesn’t fit, you must write some shit.

It just bugs me when a long defined character with no existing signs or plot suggestions just out of nowhere turns on a dime and goes totally out of character for no good or apparent reason other than the writer’s need to correct their own plot mistakes. I think its lazy writing. Corner cutting, lazy loop hole creating writing. It’s not creative, it’s sloppy. Today I watched Grey’s Season 7 , ep 7. Arizona’s turn on a dime was not well not Arizona. When did she turn on or betray anyone. You would think Spielberg’s daughter would be getting her ass kissed by creative not marginalized and discredited.

True I have not season the rest of the season yet so they may clean up the splattered ink.


One thought on “If it doesn’t fit, you must write some shit.

  1. Happens a lot due to pressure to produce on budget and short schedule. It’s why I don’t want to write serials. Arizona is one of my favorite characters. I didn’t like the first part of season 7. Callie was a real bitch at times.

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