We went to see the Avengers in 3D tonight. I havent seen a movie in 3D in forever. I kept the glasses. Movie was really good. It had its cool and funny moments and whoa so much action. Geez even Spielgerg would say Damn.  The opening scene with Black Widow was sweet and of course Tony Stark had his comedic moments. Pepper too.  As with all Whedon scripts all the characters had clever, witty dialogue and banter. Captain America came off looking the lesser powered than the rest imo. He was awesome but he got his ass kicked the most I thought. Speaking as someone who read the Avengers comics back in the day I think they made Hawk way over powered. Idk I read the Joss played WoW so maybe it was the hunter thing but Hawk was more a role playing team member. He wasnt Kobe he was one of the guys that came off the bench. For all of Iron Man’s heroics and he was pretty “save the world” well part of the world heroic but despite that I thought the Hulk stole the show. Hulk slamming Loki around like a puppy playing with a rag doll was fucking awesome. That was my favorite part of the whole movie in fact. I take credit for starting the applause that broke out in the theater after that. I mean you really can’t do the wave because its so dark. 😛  /clap




One thought on “Avengers!!

  1. Yeah that was my favorite part too. I was laughing so hard. I think Jeremy Renner (Hawk) is sexy in a scruffy weird way. I like that his character was a hero without having superpowers but just really althetic and awesome with crossbows. I like that trick he did when he flipped over and shot his crossbow at the same time in slow motion. Sexy. Hunters FTW.

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