Should’ve seen the one that got away. =)

We went to my mom’s for mothers day recently and she pulled out some old photographs. I asked her to let me borrow this one.

This was at an aligator farm just outside of Daytona Beach Florida. Thats my younger brother Tab (he’s a minister now and he thinks I’m a heathen, lost , sinner ūüėõ ) with me. I was 15 then and Tab was 8. My older brother was 18 then and had just started working some job so he wasn’t along for this trip. ¬†On our way home from the beach Tab and I spotted to sign for¬†Alligator¬†farm and begged my dad to stop. Hmmm I wonder if holding a live alligator was a sign of being manic lol.

Every summer we went to the beach usually Panama City or Destin Beach Fla since they are on the west side of Florida but this year or I should say that year my dad wanted to go to Daytona Beach. He said his father used to take him there every summer when he was a kid. So it was about 3 or 4 more hours of driving but to Daytona we went. Daytona is the only beach I’ve ever been to where you’re allow to drive your vehicles directly onto the beach near the ocean. Also it was a wilder more adult atmosphere than I had seen at other¬†Florida¬†beaches. There were topless bars in plain site and people smoking ¬†joints all around. The cars blaring music sorta gave a it rock concert atmosphere. They had this almost Coney Island like park area right by the beach. It was sorta old and a bit jaded but the rides still worked and I remember Tab and I had gone exploring on our own and we rode the big ferris wheel and few other rides and then we rode the high wire cars that are way up in the air and moved or hovered over parts of the park and beach area. ¬†Tab and I were in the high wire cars and I was looking at all the girls laying out on the beach and I saw these two who were probably college girls as they were¬†definitely¬†older than me and were about 25 feet away as I was up in the air still. As we made eye contact I grinned and waved. What happened next made my day. Heck made my vacation. One of them blew me a kiss and then¬†proceeded¬†to open her top and flash me. WoW. I never saw her again but I always remember that. ¬†Oh yea¬†I also got my name airbrushed on a tshirt I got there. ūüôā





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