Sunday Night Recaps and my Reviews

Mad Men was horrible tonight. Worst episode ever IMO. I always looked forward to Sunday nights for a number of shows. Tonight Mad Men Jumped the Shark.  Joan and the ad agency basically whored themselves out to land the Jaquar account. The characters on the show have always been dogs in their personal lives but they were kick ass on Madison Avenue. I rooted for their firm against their fierce ad agency competitors. One of the bigwigs from Jaquar Motors wanted to fuck Joan and went out of his way to imply it would make him happy as the competition for Jaquar’s account went on. I wanted to see Joan and the guys to tell Jaquar hell no. You hire us based our our kick ass firm’s talent or kiss our ass and goodbye. Well Don did say hell no, thank you Don, but the others reluctantly said well if Joan is ok with it, well then ok. Then I thought Joan would say hell no but she said make me a partner in the firm and I will. This all is so wrong. For so many reasons. I’ll get to why. So they pitch to Jaquar. Don makes the pitch not knowing the “whoring pimp out deal” had already happened because he had told them not to even consider that. So Don makes the ad pitch thinking they could win the account on talent alone. I mean they always do. Well cut to the next day now. Jaquar calls and they won the account over the competing ad agencies. Yes Joan did fuck the Jaquar dude. So for the rest of..forever they will have to wonder did they really win the account or was it helped out and won with pussy? I bet the rumor will reach the competition before long too who will never let it go or be forgotten. Joan is promoted to partner which she deserved for her own merit and hard work for 13 years but the entire firm will say behind her back that she didn’t earn it or deserve but that she got it from laying on her back. The thing is she did deserve it and the firm earned Jaquar’s business but they destroyed their own credibility by going along with this. I’m so pissed at this show now.

The Killing was really good tonight. We had already found out that detective Sarah Linden had a past mental break down years back and even spent a month in a psych ward. Tonight we see her back in pysch ward not because she had a break down or anything like it but because some powerful people had knocked her out and had her placed there because she was asking too many questions in her investigation. Her partner isnt able to get her out so he calls her fiance Felder who is only on the show every now and then and not much has been said about him except he wants to marry her and take her away from all this. He is portrayed by Callum Keith Rennie aka a cylone. Actually there are three BSG people on this show. /Applause. He is always dressed like a blue collar guy but I never really knew what his profession was until tonight. He walks in the psych ward hospital shows his credentials that he is Dr Felder her former doctor and he will check her out now into his care. Wow so her fiance is like her former psychiatrist or psychologist. Very cool. It looks like they are getting very close to solving Rosie’s murder and the new skepital police chief is being swayed to believe in them. Good show tonight.

Too tired to type another paragraph but Game of Thrones was really awesome tonight. War, Ships, Storming the Castle, beheading, betrayal, boobs and I’ll probably write more tomorrow. Really good show tonight. GoT rocks.


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