Iron Chef

I cooked a full course meal for my family tonight. It’s something I haven’t done in a while. Normally I just cook the one meat and that’s it and let Wendy make a salad or a side like rice to go with it. I got my inner Racheal Ray today though. I marinated Pork Chops at 5am this morning. Yes I was still up but hey that’s my life. I got the pork out and the dry rub and massaged it into the chops and tin foiled them up. Tonight I pan seared them with a little olive oil and butter, splash of worchester sauce and minced garlic. I wanted to go all old school and not use the microwave so I got all several more pots, pans and boilers. I made yellow saffron rice, green english peas, and grilled onions. I added a little chicken stock and a little butter to the green peas for seasoning and of course salt and pepper to all. I also made a gravy sauce for the chops. I added some of the onions chopped fine and bits of the pork to the gravy. In the end I was very proud of my accomplishment and the family raved over my home cooked cuisine.




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