Idol, its about what is best

Good show tonight. It was the famous Idol Finale.  All season I’ve voting for Phillip because he’s from my town and area and we share favorite restaurant choices. He went to my wife’s college and he’s an awesome talent as well. He’s got the humble, nice guy attitude which is so much more enduring than well the opposite. Each performer got to do three songs tonight and I thought they both did extremely well. I think this is the most talented finale in a very long time. I can’t think of a final two that came close for talent. Maybe when Kat Mcphee was in the final two. After the  show ended I did something I’ve never done. I voted for two. I voted for both of them. Strange yea but its a different kind of Idol year. They both are good enough for the crown but I’ve been thinking about it and I can’t betray Phillip so I voted for him but..but I want Jessica to win so I voted for her as well. I want Jessica win not necessarily because she’s better than PP but because its for the best. Jessica is the most talented female finalist since  Carrie Underwood. She’s way better than Jordan Sparks. Way cuter too. Again I dont really think she’s better than PP but they are pretty close. The thing is she needs this more than Phil does. Phil’s already got a brand, band and label no matter what happens tomorrow. This time next week Phil is very wealthy young man no matter what happens tomorrow. I think his style of edgy, blues, rock makes for or will make for a more commercially successful tour than Jessica’s style. Plus she’s still 16 and will probably go back to finishing school. So yes they are both very talented but she needs this more than he does. Also I’ve read the hate on the internet and comments about past winners and potential winners and that’s the final reason I did it. Because its better for American Idol if Jessica wins so I voted for both of them.


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