Fruit from the tree

Elizabeth went back to school this morning. She is eating better. Mostly weight watcher approved kind of fare but thats fine. So long as she is getting sustenance. I don’t think she wanted to force fed in a hospital. We will stay the course though for her treatment. Following up with her doctor and seeing the dietitian, therapist and psychiatrist in the new few weeks. Oh I forgot to mention last week that her doctor placed her on prozac, which surprisingly I’ve never taken, to help treat her anorexia. It will be up to the psychiatrist to stay or change that.

So there you have it. My kid has joined me as a member of the dsm book and as a member of its medicine cabinet.


One thought on “Fruit from the tree

  1. Ah, so that’s what u meant about fruit from tree. I tried Prozac once, hated it, made me agitated. It is one of the oldest SSRI’s on the market. There was a book called Prozac Nation. I think it was the first effective SSRI manufactured but there are so many more options now.

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