We found out a few months ago that Elizabeth was on a weight loss kick but didnt think much of it at the time. She’s wasn’t and has never been fat and has always been athletic and active. She’s 5′ 1” sharp, quick, straight A student, principal scholar, 12 year old girl. We’ve always played ball in the yard together, Wii together, WoW together and watch some of the same favorite shows together. Like for example we both love and watch True Blood together (yea I know but she closes her eyes during those parts) and of course this year Idol together. About two and a half months ago she started the diet thing. She said she was fat. She weighed 124 at 5′ 1”. She was skipping meals and only eating lightly. Again I thought nothing of it. Don’t all teen girls go on diets? always and often? right? After a week or so she goes to her doctor for fever ect.. and Wendy told her doctor about her wanting to lose weight. At this point she’s down to 118 pounds. Elizabeth told them her goal was 105. Her doctor told her no, no way. For her height, build, bone structure that 115 was the absolute lowest she could go if that. Over the next two months my daughter became obsessed with her diet and encouraged by her weight loss. She weighed 7 or 8 times a day. She would only eat one granola bar a day which consisted of 170 calories total and she would only eat one actual meal a week either on Saturday or Sunday lunch. When I went to get her at the skating rink about 3 weeks ago her friends came to me and told me that they were worried about her not eating lunch at school and getting to thin. Her mother and I were worried too. We talked and talked to her. I played youtube vids for her to watch about it. Last week I went to her field day at school. I was with her from 10am till the end of the day. Again her friends came to me about this. At lunch Elizabeth took her meal and gave it away piece by piece to other kids around nearby. This Tuesday Elizabeth’s teacher and five of her friends went to the school counselor. The counselor called Elizabeth in and talked to her. Then she called Wendy and sent some documentation home. Wednesday morning we went back Elizabeth’s doctor who she hadnt seen in over two months and who had warned her not to drop below 115. Elizabeth weighed 92 pounds. I’m not going to write everything the doctor said though she was extremely concerned. She officially diagnosed Elizabeth with anorexia. We went for blood work and labs immediately after and the next day Thursday we traveled to Macon to a Behavioral Health Facility for an assessment and referrals. In the next few weeks she will be seeing a dietitian, therapist and psychiatrist here locally. The ironic thing about the psychiatrist she will be seeing is that she is in the same office that my psychiatrist is in. Office is just down the hall. Wendy asked if I was going to go on that one. “Hell yes I’m going” I told her.

Since all of this intervention this week, the serious of it has sunk in a bit for Elizabeth. Her doctor told us if she’s not eating by Monday she will hospitalize her and feed her with an iv. So in the last few days Elizabeth is back eating some salads, grilled chicken and still a granola bar. We go back to her MD next week for follow up and lab results.

My heart is broken.


2 thoughts on “Intervention

  1. I have had a weight problem all my life. I go up and down kinda like Oprah. Lol. Best shape in my life was in college I was almost 5’2″ and worked out a lot, weighed around 107-110, wore a size 2, without dieting. But I remember growing up my parents, especially my mom, would tell me that I was supposed to look beautiful and grow away my baby fat, and just yesterday she bought me pants that were 4 sizes too small. And she knows this. I have told her not to buy me clothes, but she does it all the time anyway. A lot of times I don’t know if I really don’t care about my weight because I hate the way my parents criticize me and make me feel bad. Idk it just makes me sad because i feel conflicted and not sure what i want. Anyway. It sucks that girls feel so much pressure at an early age to be thin and look a certain way. Liz is awesome just the way she is, and I hope she gets better soon.

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