not really a hitchhiker but this is my guide to the galaxy

I posted this to a few months ago but wanted to add it to my blog:

Like some others here my first taste of sci fi / fantasy was The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe. This was in the early 70s and I was in first grade where my teacher would a read a chapter or two of it every day to us since C.S. Lewis was a Christian author and at that time I went to a private Christian school. I loved the story and couldn’t wait to hear what was coming next each day. A year or so later I got hooked on a new sci fi series on TV called “Space: 1999″ which ran for a few years and was a cool show, Martin Landau starred as the capt. At the same time I began to watch the original Star Trek every day after school. They were syndicated reruns but brand new to me, I also watched a made for TV movie around the same time called “Logan’s Run.” I had to talk my mom into letting me stay up late just to finish it. This was mid 1970s by then and I was a full fledged sci fi fan. I saw Jaws, not sure if monster sharks count, and a few other movies but then.. I went to see a new movie with my brother and cousins called Star Wars. The rest is history and my addiction, affection, admiration was complete. Frak :P


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