Souled Out

I thought Phil Phillips was awesome last night in all three performances but especially his last performance. I don’t know if it was his best one ever as Randy said but it pretty damn good. In fact I think Phil should do more Bob Seger songs and less Matchbox 20 or DMB songs.
Would love to see PP sing Old Time Rock and Roll. I thought Jessica was flawless as well and omg so cute in her candid interviews, outtakes and sweet smiles. Jessica and Phillip both have this humility about them that I like.

Ok as much Randy Jackson pandered,  shamelessly pandered for Joshua I just didnt see it. He does have a nice gospel voice. He does the southern gospel style and mannerism well. After that, I’m just not as sold on him for this late stage of the competition. One other thing I thought was peculiar is that this self proclaimed son of a preacher man who does gospel on his trip back home last week the first place he tooks us was to church. He wanted to attend Church at his dad’s church. So far I thought this was all good. I liked him taking American Idol’s cameras to his family church. I typed of wiki and found his father’s church. I copied this of the church’s Facebook intro:

Welcome to the House of Prayer! We are a Holiness people that believe in Praising God at all times! We operate in Gifts of the Spirit to accomplish God’s divine will in our lives and the lives of others. If you are seeking divine healing and deliverance…you will find it at the House of Prayer. Our Pastor, Nathaniel Ledet, with the support of our Lady Elect sister Jackie, has been healing and delivering people through God’s annointed Spirit in the Westlake area for 20 years. He is now joined by several of his children who perform a variety of functions within the Ministry of the Church. If you are ready for a Mighty Move of God in your life, come join us in one of our Holy Ghost filled services!! See you soon at the House of Prayer!

Ok so two days laters Joshua is back in Hollywood and the second song he performs is one he hand picked himself to sing. Let me stop just a min and say I am a huge beatles fan, have been since high school. Hey Jude is in my own personal top 10. I loved and admired the genius of John Lennon. IMO Sgt Peppers is still one of the greatest albums in rock history and its largely due to John Lennon. I also learned that John was an avid atheist was proud to be. I’m a Christian, not a great one mind you, but I pray more than people would ever believe. I’ve listened to Imagine many times in my youth and I get what John was saying. He was endorsing his point of view about religion and politics. Now that I am much older I still like John Lennon and many of his songs but.. but when I hear Imagine come on the radio, I turn off my radio.

Ok back to American Idol Joshua just took us to his church , now he is going to sing his second song:
“Imagine there’s no heaven
It’s easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people living for today”

What Joshua should have said to Randy, Jimmy or whoever is “sorry but I will not sing those lines. We will have to pick another song. That is all”

Anyways my prediction for next week is Phil Phillips and Jessica. They were both flawless and awesome last night.


One thought on “Souled Out

  1. Shame i didnt read your blog entry until tonight via weekly digest. My iphone reader was broke for some reason.. The Beatles/John Lennon are sorta untouchable. It wasn’t the right song for Joshua at all. But anyway, can’t wait to see the finale. So awesome Jessica made it there after almost being eliminated! IMO PP should sing PP stuff. Not DMB or anyone else.

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