A Man so nice they named him twice

We went to the Phillip Phillips concert yesterday anticipating large crowds and heavy traffic. His parade was to start less than a mile from Trojan Field and end just at the entrance to the high school. His parade was to start at 2:30 with him arriving at the stadium and his concert starting at 3pm. We arrived at the stadium at approx 1:30pm. We were able to sit or stand in the media press area on some tall scaffolds since Wendy is a pr person and has a press pass and she knows all the local reporters ect.. Ok we were told the he had been running early on his schedule all day as American Idol people were filming him at his dad’s pawn shop, his lunch at El Mayo, trip to radio station, kid’s hospital ect.. We also were told that Jennifer Lopez at arrived and was here as well. Elizabeth and I were snapping pics with our iphones and Wendy had this fancy Nikon digital camera that has like an 8 inch lens could zoom in like the whole football field. Camera belongs to the college so I don’t get to play with it. 😛 Ok now remember that we got there at 1:30 pm and the concert was billed to begin at 3pm. At 4pm we were told that he was delayed, not sure why, they think partly due to the crowds. At 4:30 he arrives in the back of a convertible and the crowd goes wild. Elizabeth got a nice short vid of this on her iphone that I will try to upload later. Finally at 5pm he takes the stage. He talks for about 10 minutes and thanks his fans for thier support over and over like every third line was that. I was a little surprised even disappointed that he didnt mention or address or apologize or explain that the concert was slated for 3pm and he was two hours late. So he sang covers of many songs. I have to say his local bandmates are fine musicians. Especially the guy on saxophone and the lead guitarist. I was very impressed with his band. Ok so the word is, rumor is that J Lo is there in her trailer back stage area. I kept saying I wanna see J Lo, Elizabeth wanted to see her as well. Phil stops talks for a few min. Introduces the band members. Thanks us all so much again and plays “All Along the Watch Tower” Which is the song the final 5 cylons were hearing in their heads last ep of season 3. I told Wendy “they played that on Battle Star Galactica!”, she had like no idea what I was talking about. lol. Phil wrapped it up thanked us all again and said goodbye. Wait what? what? Thats right. If J Lo was there idk but she never came out or showed. Oh well Phil played well and we all enjoyed the show.

Wendy took the pic at the top and I took the two below with my iphone


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