It’s all in the wrist

I like good entertainment. I always have. Whether it was my adhd or my bipolar disorder or both I craved the immersion factors of life. Still do. When I was in high school and then college I lived for playing basketball with my friends after school. Basketball and racquetball in that order. Well I went back and forth. Did you know that racquetball players aren’t supposed to play tennis? Yep thats right. Messes your swing up. Like so many things in life its all about the wrist. Which brings me to my mouse. Keybinds and mouse are big in another pastime of mine video games. We used to have an xbox until a few years ago then we got a Wii and we have a laptop and pc. I’m not going to take the time to list a plethora of games so I will just focus on a few. Back in 2008 my daughter and I had been playing xbox games together when we decided to try a game we saw at gamestop called WoW or World of Worldcraft.  I wont spend a great deal of time talking about wow but we got into to it and probably spent far too much time playing it over the next few  years. That is until our want and need for the game crashed like the US housing market. Like a kid who has had more than his fill of pie I quit the game last year and never looked back. Besides what I liked about that game , that mmo, doesnt really exist anymore. Its kind of ironic contrast but its accurate to say wow changed so much and say wow is too much of the same old thing.  Anyways I’ll never go back. Panda Bears?? really? not impressed.

I dont get to play racquetball much anymore but I still put on my old Louisville Slugger leather glove and play catch with my kid almost everyday. We pitch to each other, hit to each other, throw to each other and sometimes purposely try to make each other miss. She  has to endure my constant self aggrandizement of “still got it, still got it”, “nobody, nobody can stop this” She normally rolls her eyes says “would you just throw the ball!”  We made pact this week to go to the batting cages together to square off against a pitching machine. Will be her first time ever in the cage and mine in.. well it’s been too long.  So I’ve touched on my adoration of sports and games. I also love music, movies and good tv.  I especially like the sci fi / fantasy genre but more about all things me in later blogs because I am feeling nostalgic. Thinking about playing softball with my daughter reminds me of one of my favorite episodes of one my favorite sci fi shows. A very special show.

See below


One thought on “It’s all in the wrist

  1. I love this scene, one of my favorite episodes from X Files, the dialogue between Mulder and Scully is so classy and sweet, succinctly captures their relationship without being explicit, like a good short story.

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